Maritime Noon

I will be on the today’s CBC Maritime Noon radio show discussing poop and other various bylaw issues within Halifax.

Hopefully you can tune in.

I realize the blog has taken some time off. Hopefully you will see me pick things up a bit over the summer.

Dex is telling everyone he knows :D

Dex is telling everyone he knows 😀

Pining for Summer

Periwinkles in the sky and hoping for summer days soon

Periwinkles in the sky and hoping for summer days soon

How Off-leash Parks Have a Positive Effect on You and Your Dog?

Hi Everyone!

Trent here for a rare moment…I know I said I would be around more and the guilt of it all is nearly overwhelming ;)..ok I’m exaggerating but I do wish I could be posting more and look forward to doing so hopefully soon. I wanted to post a couple of items that I was hoping to get people’s feedback on.

Firstly I wanted to pose a question for people to offer their opinions.

I received an email a couple of days ago from Angie Fredericks asking me if I could share with her in a paragraph or two, how taking Dexter to an off-leash park has a positive effect on me and my dog’s life. Angie is from Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, about 5 minutes from Liverpool. She is part of a small group trying to get a dog park in their community. They are hitting some road blocks along the way but they will not let that stop them. She thought it would be nice to hear from other people who currently have a dog park and think it’s a great thing (although PPP is not specifically a dog park it does allow dogs). They are trying to come up with a plan to present to their council members, hoping they will understand the need for a dog park in their community. They have many dog owners who think it’s a great idea!!

Now as much as I will be sharing that soon I have certainly been thinking about it for the last couple days and pondering what points I would want to focus on. Is it the fitness of both my dog and myself, the closeness within the community it creates…or is it a renewed passion for doing things as a couple as Bobi and I discovered after getting Dexter? So this led me to do this…who better to answer this question than all of you. Please add as much or as little as you want in the comments section but I truly believe that all of you know better than anyone how this can enhance the life of both you and your dog.

Thanks for taking the time 🙂


Some more of this little ball of cute





Fun Phoebe

This pup was just so happy to see everyone…EVERYONE 🙂

No slideshows for now, looks like its an issue with WordPress that is being addressed. Hopefully soon because there was too many pics of this cutie to pare down.

Lovely Luna

Luna looking very regal ...and curious :)

Luna looking very regal …and curious 🙂

and pretty cute

and pretty cute